Group / Team Coaching & Workshops

LifeCheq Financial Team – Series of Six Workshops

“These soft skills are vital” 

  • “The workshop added a lot of value. I would like to have more sessions like this.”
  • “Janine is very engaging and brings life to the discussions.”
  • “The session enabled me to think through a challenge and come up with solutions to deal with it.”
  • “The session was fantastic and interactive.”
  • “I’m looking forward to another one.”

Akro Capital – Bespoke Workshops (2-3hrs)

“I highly recommend this for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

I found Shift’s workshop to be incredibly valuable in gathering insights into the hurdles that one can come across when starting a business. It was a great way to network and work though some of the blocks I was facing.  Two weeks later we followed with a ‘check in’ and this helped with staying accountable and motivated”.

12 Week Programme for Women in Business

“Janine is absolutely amazing. She makes you think and find solutions”.

  • “What a great session! Very intuitive and in touch with your audience.”
  • “Great to have this platform to reflect. I have new perceptions!”
  • “I felt the workshop opened my mind to other possibilities. Thank You”
  • “Love the idea of collective consciousness.”
  • “The session was insightful”

Allan Gray Academy Consultants – Full Day Workshop

“New possibilities have opened up for me” 

  • “How to be a more engaged and effective leader.”
  • “My self awareness has increased and I have practical tools to use.”
  • “How to communicate more effectively and build better relationships.”
  • “I’ve gained an understanding how to use language more effectively.”
  • “I will do more self-coaching going forward.”

Allan Gray Life Academy – Full Day Workshop

“Please hold these workshops more often, it really helped us” 

  • “I have new ways and tools to deal with my biggest challenge.”
  • “Very well executed, detailed and insightful.”
  • “I now embrace change”
  • “The content applies to professional and personal life.”
  • “I have a different perspective and ways to deal with breakdowns”.

Individual Coaching Feedback

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