The challenge today with offering in-person training is that it is not always financially viable, sustainable or scaleable.

The argument for supportive online learning:

Whether you choose to use a blended approach (in person training supported by online), or take your training 100% online, you win because online learning is:

  • Scaleable
  • Reduces costs
  • Evergreen (employees and clients can commence training at any time)
  • Enables learning on the go
  • Results in less time spent out the office
  • Is self-paced
  • Can be integrated and applied to real work/life challenges

How Does This Work?

We work with you to take your training 100% online, or look at the best blended approach that meets all your professional needs. To do this we can create a fully immersive academy (and redesign your existing training for online), or design online courses that complement your in-person training programmes.

We do this by integrating micro-learning, using engaging multimedia and encourage learning through gamification. Employees can then engage with and apply their learning to on-the-job objectives. This type of learning encourages second order learning and creates a culture of taking initiative and personal and professional mastery.

Intro Evenings (experiential & fun)

How Can I Help You?

  1. By creating a fully immersive online academy – either on your existing website or by using a compatible LMS system.
    • Benefits: One e-learning hub that houses all your training resources, information and programmes.
  2. Design bespoke courses and curricula for all professional training and on-boarding needs.
    • Benefits: Save time, money, results in less time out the office and encourages learning on the go. Allows for a variety of assessment tools and automated marking.

Janine Flint
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