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Individual Coaching

Kelvin“Coaching sessions with Janine have helped me to being more positive about myself and aware of my limitless capabilities. Paying attention to where I am mentally has raised my awareness of where I am physically and emotionally, and also how I am communicating to others. I now live my life with enthusiasm and positive curiosity. I live a life of synergy, and have totally eliminated fear of the unknown. I now ask myself “What’s the worst that could happen, NOTHING!””Kelvin Nyabaya, Business Development Consultant – LifeCheq

Kea“Life can place hurdles in your way at times. I am so grateful my journey led me to Janine. I know the techniques and valued information I have gained from our sessions has kept me in a positive and powerful state. Her sessions are personalised, structured and she helps you find answers to your own deep questions. She’s amazing. Now I can pass this knowledge on and make a difference”Kea Ledwaba, Founder, Crowdcoin

“I have been working with Janine for the past 8 months in a mutual coaching relationship. My experience with her thus far has allowed me to have some insightful introspective moments that open up greater avenues for being curious about who I truly am. Janine’s relaxed and calm demeanour not only allows me the space to openly reflect but bring me back to earth and in touch with my soul. This is not the only side to my experience with her. She has a very playful and curious personality which I find endearing and easy to get swept up in.”Shanaaz Parker, HR Manager, Bidvest Bank

Nelson“I have enjoyed coaching sessions with Janine. She is attentive, warm and respectful”Nelson Torto PhD, CEO: Botswana Institute for Technology, Research and Innovation

Annabel“Since I met Janine in June 2016 I have been impressed with her drive, her enthusiasm and her passion for coaching. She is example for us all in the course and working with her is a blessing. I have had the opportunity to interact with Janine in various coaching conversations. I have been coached by her and I have observed her while coaching someone else. She asks powerful and relevant questions. Her listening skills and her warm and caring approach make the coachee feel taken care of and supported.”Annabel Cuypers, Founder AC C&C. Brussels, Belgium

Team Coaching

LifeCheq Financial Team – Customised Coaching Solutions

“These soft skills are vital”.

  • “The workshop added a lot of value. I would like to have more sessions like this.”
  • “Janine is very engaging and brings life to the discussions.”
  • “The session enabled me to think through a challenge and come up with solutions to deal with it.”
  • “The session was fantastic.”
  • “Session was great and interactive. I’m looking forward to another one.”

Allan Gray’s Academy Consultants – Full Day Workshop

“New possibilities have opened up for me”.

  • “How to be a more engaged and effective leader.”
  • “My self awareness has increased and I have practical tools to use.”
  • “How to communicate more effectively and build better relationships.”
  • “I’ve gained an understanding how to use language more effectively.”
  • “I will do more self-coaching going forward.”

Allan Gray’s Life Academy – Full Day Workshop

“Please hold these workshops more often, it really helped us”.

  • “I have new ways and tools to deal with my biggest challenge.”
  • “Very well executed, detailed and insightful.”
  • “I feel more free to be me.”
  • “I now embrace change”
  • “The content applies to professional and personal life.”
  • “I have a different perspective and ways to deal with breakdowns”.

Akro Capital for Women in Business – Customised Coaching

“I will definitely be interested in attending another workshop and highly recommend it for other aspiring entrepreneurs”.

I found Shift’s workshop to be incredibly valuable in gathering insights into the hurdles that one can come across when starting a business. It was a great way to network and work though some of the blocks I was facing.  Two weeks later we followed up the session with a ‘check in’ and find out how we had progressed with the goals and I though this was a brilliant way of making us accountable and motivated.” – Ingrid Roberts, i-Design

Kunekt: Connecting Professional Women

“Janine is absolutely amazing. She makes you think and find solutions”.

  • “What a great session! Very intuitive and in touch with your audience.”
  • “Great to have this platform to reflect. I have new perceptions!”
  • “I felt the workshop opened my mind to other possibilities. Thank You”
  • “Love the idea of collective consciousness.”
  • “Thank you for all your insight and tips.”
  • “The session was insightful”
Janine Flint
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