This is a powerful methodology for effecting change for individuals, teams and organisations due to its deeply grounded and practical understanding of language, moods and conversations for behavioural and cultural transformation. At the centre of this model is the dynamic interplay between language, mood and body – referred to as “Way of Being”.

The relevance of working in these areas is that:

  • Language generates reality and is how individuals, leaders and teams coordinate action.  It is also key to bringing about transformation and sustainable change;
  • Emotions predispose leaders to action (or non-action). The mood of an individual, leader or team is crucial in determining the culture and effectiveness of a team, business unit and organisation; 
  • The body (physiology) is a reflection of what’s possible and is the basis of leadership presence, impact and influence.

Way of Being is central to how people learn and function and is the underlying driver of behaviour and communication.

How is Change Achieved?

Ontological Coaching can include deep change, resulting in the client:

  • Becoming a different observer of themselves and the world
  • Achieving significant behavioural change, including relating more constructively with others
  • Expanding what is possible in how they create their future

All coaching engagements would include the following phases:

  • Conversation for Clarity
  • Conversation for Exploration and Possibility
  • Conversation for Action
  • Long-Term (Sustainable) Follow Up

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